A Baby for Christmas: A Christmas Romance

A Baby for Christmas: A Christmas Romance

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Amelie: I hired Daniel to have a baby.


I am the only female billionaire in Louisiana. I want for nothing but a child … and the right man.

Finding a good man, however, is tough. So I’ll settle for a baby.

At least then I’ll have someone who loves me.

A discreet advertisement is the solution:

One million dollars for a healthy male to stay with me long enough to get me pregnant.

Then he walks away, giving up all paternity rights.

It’s a sweet deal. Of course, I have a lot of suitors.

However, charming, smoking-hot Daniel Fontaine is the only one I want.


So, Daniel and his daughter Caroline move into my mansion outside of Baton Rouge.

I thought losing my virginity would hurt. Instead, he turns it into a night to commit to memory.

And he does the same every night after.

It’s taking a long time for me to get pregnant … but I don’t mind.

Sex with Daniel is a perk by itself.


It’s not easy to keep from falling for him.

But can I trust him to be anything more than my baby daddy?