A Mafia Romance: Never Been Caught (A Complete Series)

A Mafia Romance: Never Been Caught (A Complete Series)

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These romance novels will bring you to your knees.

Frustrated, sexually inexperienced FBI Special Agent Carolyn Moss is chasing some of the hottest criminals in America. But these bad boys will never see the inside of a cell. The only way to catch them is by the heart—and five lonely, desperate women will be the ones to do it. But will Carolyn be one of them?

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Five novels full of steamy forbidden romances that will leave you breathless and entertained all night long.

Book 1 - Unexpected Ride

I jacked a car tonight with a bound woman in the trunk.

Looks like I saved her life—isn’t that ironic?

Now she’s offering me a pile of jewels to get her to Montreal.

I take the job to get a chance at taking her.

Those first few nights are hot—but she’s got a secret.


Book 2 - Forgotten Sins

I woke up in a cute tiny cabin with a splitting headache and no memories.

The sweet, isolated artist who discovered me doesn’t know a thing either.

But getting mended by a curvy guardian angel named Eve is a big help.

Especially when I learn about her crush on me.


Book 3 - Bride Until the Border

My boss sent me to cancel an accountant who was skimming off the top.

He forgot to mention there’s a kid.

And that the wife’s a knockout.

I’m not about to disappear them, too.


Book 4 - The Last Bout​​​​​​​

I haven’t lost a fight in ten years.

I’ve ruled underground boxing in Detroit for over a decade now.

I’ve made a legend of myself.

But when I save an innocent girl from her stalker, I lose to her…


Book 5 - Endgame​​​​​​​

Poor, brave Carolyn.So dedicated and hardworking.

She's spent years putting the pieces together to find me.

And now she's come looking for me.

With no backup and her boss's knife in her back,

she's determined to save her reputation by bringing me in.