A Snowed-in Christmas: Bad Boy Billionaires Boxed Set

A Snowed-in Christmas: Bad Boy Billionaires Boxed Set

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Do you like bad boys? If you do, then you will love this heartwarming Christmas Box set.

This amazing box set includes Five Full-length standalone novels.

You will not want to put this set down. All Five novels have a Happy ever after and no cliffhanger. 


The stories in this set are:


Dangerous Desire: A Secret Baby Romance Book One

From the first moment, Winter Mai had me hooked.


Her beauty, her will to survive…


But she hates me—and with good reason.


My best friend, my brother, murdered her sister and almost killed Winter, too.


She doesn’t know about the sleepless nights I spent silently begging her to live…


And now, all these years later, she’s right in front of me, and in the arms of a man I know to be a violent and dangerous criminal.


I won’t let anything hurt her. I owe her…


…and I’m desperately—achingly—in love with her.


Will she ever forgive me?


Her face and her body haunt my dreams, and I won’t be happy until Winter is my arms, my life, and my bed…



The Billionaire’s Maid: A Christmas Romance Novel Book Two

Young, poor, and fairly innocent, she took me by storm…


Why did her beauty have to captivate me so?


Auburn curls hung down to her narrow waist, emerald eyes peered out at me from under thick, long lashes.


Her British accent just made her that much more appealing to me.


But she wanted love, and I knew I couldn’t give her that.


And what I could give her—unimaginable pleasure coupled with a righteous sexual education—she didn’t want.


She’d set her sights on my heart, a goal that just might destroy her…



The Billionaire’s Gift: A Holiday Romance Book Three

Loss. Love. Realizations.

Blaine Vanderbilt may only be thirty-years-old, but he’ managed to make a fortune in the retail market as the founder of a chain of discount stores he named Bargain Bin.


The tall man with smoldering good looks has a hard heart. He’s led his life thinking there is no harm in running a business that puts others out of theirs.


Until his elderly father passes away and leaves him with the question—should he make some changes to how he’s been living?


It has Blaine wondering about all he’s done, not only in his business life, but in his love life as well, as he’s been as cold with women as he’s been with other business owners.


He decides the time has come for the tides to turn and he makes a plan to change his ways completely. Step one is making sure the children who are stuck in the Children’s Hospital in his hometown of Houston have a great holiday. That’s where he meets the woman who may be his saving grace or his worst enemy.


Can Delaney Richards accept Blaine for the man he is becoming, or will his past bad deeds be a thing she can’t forgive him for?



Home is Where the Heat Is: A Secret Baby Christmas Romance

Book Four

“My life was finally where I wanted it to be … or was it?”


The price was my family, my hometown, and my reputation but my musical career was finally panning out. Unfortunately, the universe had other plans for my brother and me, taking me back from LA to Alpena, Michigan.


I would not have gotten far without Leila Butler, my brother Micah making no secret how he loathed me. If it wasn’t for the sexy, sweet blonde and her amazing way with him, who knew where I’d be?


Probably back in LA where I belonged.



Dirty News: A Holiday Romance Book Five

Competition isn’t always fun, at least not when you’re forced to go head-to-head with the most gorgeous girl you’ve ever laid eyes on …


A new television network was looking for newscasters, an opportunity of a lifetime.


But when the boss told me the new morning news anchor would either be me, or the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen, he messed up my world.


She was smart, funny, and sexy as hell.


The only problem was the rules the boss put on us.


If you worked for WOLF, you could not have any physical relations with your coworkers.


Our heat couldn’t be denied. Rules or not, we had to have each other.


Her body bent to my will, letting me take her higher than she’d ever been. And she did the same for me. Forgetting each other for the sake of the job wasn’t going to work for us.


So where would that leave us?


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