Arsen’s Rules (An Alpha Billionaire Romance)

Arsen’s Rules (An Alpha Billionaire Romance)

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Arsen Sloan is a thirty-five-year-old monster of a lawyer. Highly successful as a criminal lawyer, specializing in murder cases, he has only lost one case in his career. Allen White was the second defendant that he represented some ten years earlier. He was convicted of murdering one of his high school teachers after kidnapping her for a period of two months and eventually killing her.

Arsen is aware that the man who lost ten years of his life in prison has been released after serving only part of his sentence, gaining his freedom on parole as he turned his life over to God, or so he has made everyone believe he has turned into a prison evangelist.

Things begin to go very wrong for Arsen and very quickly his freedom is at stake as not one, but three of his kink-inclined lovers have been found murdered. Arsen is into some dark and shady things in the city of San Francisco where he works defending some of California’s worst criminals.

With his life hanging in a balance that he never thought possible, Arsen avoids his usual BDSM clubs and goes out to a nice, normal club that many law students frequent in San Francisco.