Billionaire’s Quarry (A Billionaire, Bad Boy, Romance)

Billionaire’s Quarry (A Billionaire, Bad Boy, Romance)

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Jude Hurst is a thirty-year-old billionaire, living in Dallas, Texas. Born into money, his family has made their money off of oil in Texas for three generations, he’s spoiled rotten and is used to getting anything he wants.

Mercy Noland is a twenty-six-year-old Spa manager in Dallas, Texas. She’s a no-nonsense, has to work hard for her money, kind of woman and strong to her core.

Mercy’s parents and older sister and her sister’s husband died in an auto accident two years prior. She’d been babysitting her sister and brother-in-law’s six-month-old daughter and two-year-old son when the tragedy happened and since their death, she’s taken them on to raise as her own. Now the kids are two and a half and four and real handfuls.

Mercy has no idea of how old the kids should be before she starts to date much less have a serious relationship and bring a man around the children she’s fiercely protective of. So her plan is to stay away from relationships for the time being.