Christmas Delights: A Romance Box Set

Christmas Delights: A Romance Box Set

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The Billionaire’s Maid Book One

Young, poor, and fairly innocent, she took me by storm…
Why did her beauty have to captivate me so?
Auburn curls hung down to her narrow waist, emerald eyes peered out at me from under thick, long lashes.
Her British accent just made her that much more appealing to me.
But she wanted love, and I knew I couldn’t give her that.
And what I could give her—unimaginable pleasure coupled with a righteous sexual education—she didn’t want.
She’d set her sights on my heart, a goal that just might destroy her…


Seducing the Surgeon Book Two

Love isn’t something I care about. Sex is a thing of the past.
I’m attractive, I’m wealthy, and did I mention I’m famous?
As the top surgeon in America, I can have anything I want.
Any house, any car, any woman, anything.
Anything. Except for the sexy new intern at the hospital.
She’s perfect in every way, but she’s off limits.
Will that stop me?
I’m Royce Berkley—I don’t follow the rules.


Thankful Book Three

Karin: James is the cure for my dead-end sex life.

He’s been after me since learning I am miserable with Terry, my dim-witted boyfriend.
I try to do the right thing, and refuse James until I’m single.
However, breaking up with Terry goes to hell fast when he gets violent.
Out of the blue, James defends me from Terry and we get away.
That night, he gives me a taste of everything in sex that I’ve been missing.
Naturally, I run away with him.
Goodbye, Terry; hello, James.

But James has a secret of his own: all the money he earns doesn’t come from a usual occupation.
I could deal with the fact that he’s a professional jewel thief—but his crew scares me.
When I learn I’m pregnant, he spills everything—and they are not happy.
The confrontation terrifies me. I’m leaving for my safety and the safety of our baby.

His partners are after me now; they don’t think I’ll keep my mouth shut.
When the posse tracks me down, will James choose his buddies … or us?


Santa’s Naughty Helper Book Four

I’m the type of guy you don’t tell what to do.
I’m the guy who knows what he wants. I bend the rules: things go my way, and I don’t pay the consequences.
So, when I get into legal and financial trouble, I’m more than happy to take the plea deal to avoid a scandal.
And what is that deal? Playing the part of Santa in one of the largest malls in New York.
I’ll get through it, go through the motions.
Then I meet Alexis.
She’s timid, she’s innocent, she’s sexy.
She should be on the Nice List for sure, but I’ll put her on the Naughty List.


Nanny with Benefits Book Five

“My life was finally where I wanted it to be … or was it?”

The price was my family, my hometown, and my reputation but my musical career was finally panning out. Unfortunately, the universe had other plans for my brother and me, taking me back from LA to Alpena, Michigan.
I would not have gotten far without Leila Butler, my brother Micah making no secret how he loathed me. If it wasn’t for the sexy, sweet blonde and her amazing way with him, who knew where I’d be?
Probably back in LA where I belonged.