Dark Masquerade: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance Boxed Set

Dark Masquerade: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance Boxed Set

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Dark Masquerade Book One

When award-winning writer Elliana Moretti is hired by billionaire philanthropist Aldo Costanza to write his biography, she travels to his secluded mansion outside Venice to interview him. Over the course of six weeks of intensive one-on-one collaborations, an attraction between them emerges, and one night, that attraction develops into a full-blown fling, erotic and intense. The night leaves Elli feeling as if she has been unprofessional and she tells Aldo that while she enjoyed the night, it can never happen again.
Aldo accepts this with seeming good grace, but one night, he asks her to escort him to a society party, where she is stunned to meet an old friend, Indio Navaro—her high school crush and noted bad boy billionaire. Indio and Aldo seem acquainted, if a little reserved with each other, and Elli wonders what the story is between them. Aldo is more than happy to trash Indio to Elli later that night, telling her that Indio was responsible for breaking up one of Aldo’s relationships with a girl who later ended up murdered.


Rockstar Untamed Book Two

Rockstar Bodhi Creed is blindsided when his ex-girlfriend, Gemma, turns up with a six-year-old son, Tim, and tells Bodhi that it’s his turn to play house with his son. Completely out of his depth, he none-the-less tries his best to juggle his superstar career with his paternal duties, but his son is reluctant to bond with him.

Sailor King is working as an assistant to a Hollywood agent, Maurice Winston, unhappily. Her boss is a leach and a creep, and the day he gropes her, she retaliates by slapping him. To her horror, the incident is witnessed by the incredulous Bodhi, who, to her surprise, backs her up and fires Maurice as his agent. Maurice vows to destroy Bodhi’s career and tells Sailor she’ll never work in Hollywood again. She shoots back that that would suit her fine. Bodhi tells them both Sailor has already got herself hired by him.


Dirty Little Virgin Book Three

School is in session…and the lessons are rock hard! 

 She’s a virgin who wants to write about sex in the BDSM world. 
I’m supposed to teach her the real world of BDSM, not f*ck her. 
But her feisty manner begs to be tamed. 
Her virginity begs to be taken. 
And I know my whip- and my c*ck- can bring her into submission. 
I’ll be doing her a favor by taking her a*s and making it mine. 
Her young tender body begs for my harsh and experienced touch. 
I’ll train her to accept pain to gain pleasure. 
The seclusion is temporary, as is our contract. 
But what if I want something more permanent? 
I’m not supposed to fall for my subs but I seem to be breaking all my own rules...


Doctor’s Demands Book Four

The Doctor’s arrived…And his treatment is sizzling!
She’s a young college student, set on a scrupulous career as a school teacher.
I’m a doctor with a checkered past.
Binge drinking on weekends, sleeping with women I care nothing for, and seeking summers with women I rent, has been my life.
Until I saw her face on the club’s website.
The Dungeon of Decorum may have found her, but I’d take her as my own.
Fighting men who wanted to use her in ways I found distasteful, I finally won her. She was mine to do with as I wanted. And I wanted all of her!
But she’d only get part of me. It had to be that way. She was my secret.
From our first touch, a spark ignited, neither of us had ever felt before. Our heat was off the charts. I couldn’t stop myself from taking her in ways I’d never planned on.
And I hadn’t planned for what she did. She broke every rule; some I hadn’t even made yet.
Could I face the world with what I’d done? Or would I run, leaving her behind me, safe as long as she wasn’t with me?
Love is temporary, at best. Happily, ever after endings are merely fantasies, or so we both thought…


The Midnight Club Book Five

Maceo Bartoli. Alex Milland. Lisander Duarte. Benoit Vaux. Seth Cantor. They are five of the most eligible billionaires on the planet—and they share a strange coincidence. All five were born at midnight on the same day in the same year. Friends and playboys all, they call themselves The Midnight Club and they have only one rule: to never let a woman come between them. But as they grow older, this rule becomes harder and harder to keep. And when they meet the women who could change their lives forever, they realize that it’s time for the Club to mature.


Billionaire Games Book Six

What began as a game ended up changing lives …

Three men enter a bar, seeking out pawns for their sex game.
Three women are chosen, who happen to be sisters and the bar owner’s daughters.
Ethan, Phoenix, and Griffin think they have it made with the sexy women they’ve chosen to play their little game with.
Only they have no idea that Kel, Cait, and Jess know what they’re up to and plan on playing games with them.
Passions flare, seduction is key, and sexual prowess is a must when playing to win.
Let the games begin …


His Brother’s Wife Book Seven

I'm going to take Amalia for her very first time.
Hell, I might even fall in love with her for MY very first time. I know it from the moment I first lay eyes on her seductive curves. There's only one problem. That moment happens to be when she is walking down the aisle to marry my hateful half brother Jackson. I'm his illegitimate half-brother, the black sheep playboy of the family. I'm used to doing what I want. And now what I want to do is Amalia. To have my way with her while she submits to my every command. But her father has sold her off to Jackson as part of a business deal. Fulfilling our desires could mean she's disowned and Jackson's wrath could destroy both of us. He'd better be ready for the fight of his life because I'm going to take what I want, which is Amalia over my knee and then on her own knees for me. And I know from the look in her sultry eyes that she wants to give me what I want, no matter the cost.