Doctor Demands (A Submissives’ Secrets Novel 2)

Doctor Demands (A Submissives’ Secrets Novel 2)

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The Doctor’s arrived…And his treatment is sizzling!

She’s a young college student, set on a scrupulous career as a school teacher.

I’m a doctor with a checkered past.

Binge drinking on weekends, sleeping with women I care nothing for, and seeking summers with women I rent, has been my life.

Until I saw her face on the club’s website.

The Dungeon of Decorum may have found her, but I’d take her as my own.

Fighting men who wanted to use her in ways I found distasteful, I finally won her. She was mine to do with as I wanted. And I wanted all of her!

But she’d only get part of me. It had to be that way. She was my secret.

From our first touch, a spark ignited, neither of us had ever felt before. Our heat was off the charts. I couldn’t stop myself from taking her in ways I’d never planned on.

And I hadn’t planned for what she did. She broke every rule, some I hadn’t even made yet.

Could I face the world with what I’d done? Or would I run, leaving her behind me, safe as long as she wasn’t with me?

Love is temporary, at best. Happily ever after endings are merely fantasies, or so we both thought…