Dr. Orgasm: A Virgin and a Billionaire Romance

Dr. Orgasm: A Virgin and a Billionaire Romance

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It’s amazing what you can do when you don’t care if you live or die. Like escape from the hellhole where you have been a prisoner for half your life. Or ride off on the back of a hot stranger’s motorcycle. Aaron is the first guy I have ever met that I have felt this way about. I like him. I trust him. I want him. But if I follow his lead and start wanting to live again, what happens when someone tries to drag me back into the hell I escaped from?



I’m falling for a mystery girl that I just talked out of jumping off a bridge. I shouldn’t let myself. She needs help, support, maybe even protection—not sex. But as I try to show her that life is worth living, nature starts taking its course. Soon enough the best lessons I can teach her are the ones between the sheets ... and she is more than willing. But I’m about to stumble across an ugly truth about my Maddy that will make me rethink everything—and will put us both in danger.