Filthy Alphas: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance Boxed set

Filthy Alphas: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance Boxed set

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Filthy Alphas: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance Boxed set


Maelstrőm: A Billionaire Romance Book One

Young coffee-house owner Sarah Bailey has finally got over the mysterious disappearance of her husband two years previously and is looking forward to her new life as a single woman. She doesn’t count on meeting Isaac Quinn, billionaire tech magnet, who sets out to seduce the beautiful Sarah. Unable to resist the incredible connection between them, they soon begin a passionate and sensual relationship that soon becomes headline news in the gossip columns.
Their happiness is marred when Sarah attracts a jealous stalker who sends her threats and Isaac begins to wonder if his fame and status has put the woman he is falling in love in terrible, terrible danger….


A Billion Dollar Arrangement: A Billionaire Romance Book Two

Angela Hayes is a beautiful city girl who longs for some excitement and fulfillment in her love life. She has a great job at a huge marketing company and she just learned that the company's billionaire CEO will be making an appearance at her branch.

Anderson Cromby is a sexy billionaire playboy who is every woman's fantasy. He's tall, dark, and handsome, and rich beyond words. He could have any woman he wanted, but he has his eyes on the vibrant young Angela.

Angela thought she was content having casual flings here and there, and she enjoys being in control of things. But when the billionaire Anderson brings his dominating personality and sexual possessiveness into her world, he turns it upside down—in a good way!


Dangerous Waters Book Three: A Billionaire Romance Book Three

Tragedy. Romance. Intrigue.
Channing Michaels is a billionaire thanks to a little help in the beginning from a man he never knew, his rich paternal grandfather.
Beth Stattler is a young college student who applies for the job as Channing’s personal assistant.
She gets more than just the job from the gorgeous man.
Only problem is Channing’s wife has gone missing after a storm seemingly took her overboard while the couple was sailing.
He wants her declared dead, but no one else does. The search for her body continues, making it impossible for him to move forward in the open with Beth.
The question remains, is his wife really dead? And is Beth really the woman he thinks she is. Is practically everyone in his life out to get him? Or is Channing Michaels losing his mind?


Hot Nights In Sturgis: A Bad Boy BDSM Romance Novel Book Four

Intrigue. Lust. Passion.
Blaze is a member of a motorcycle gang on their way to Sturgis, South Dakota for the huge biker rally held there every year. He’s single and wants to keep it that way, but plans on taking as many females as he can to his bed while in the rowdy town.
Angel is working in her uncle’s motorcycle repair shop and when Blaze comes in with a little trouble with his new ride, she finds him as interesting as he finds her.
Blaze is stricken with her knowledge of bikes and her beauty as well as her feisty attitude.
But when he asks her out, a thing he never does, she refuses.
It only serves to send Blaze into alpha-mode and he shows up at her home and makes her dinner then she takes him to her bedroom.
Both know they have stumbled onto something neither saw coming.
But can Angel get past her fear of abandonment and let Blaze have a place in her heart? And can Blaze get past his idea of being single forever and let Angel into his heart? As both want to be the master of the situation, can they give into the other without losing who they are?