Filthy Neighbor: A Bad Boy Next Door Romance

Filthy Neighbor: A Bad Boy Next Door Romance

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The little cutie next door is spying on me. 

She watches me when I exercise. She watches me when I use my hot tub and when I take a lover into it. It’s clearly a crush—and I like it. Those bright, longing eyes of hers turn me on. They make me want to show her that some things are much more fun to do than watch.

There’s just one problem—if she’s been watching me, she may have seen too much. I’m a problem-solver for my uncle Ezio, the local mob boss. I leave at odd hours. I keep odd company. One day, she may figure it out. And if that happens, I have to make sure she’s already too attached to me to give me up to the cops.

But there’s a simple solution. The little lady has a crush. She wants me to show her what it’s all about in bed. And with my secrecy at stake, I have to ask: why not give her what she wants?