Love at Christmas: A Christmas Romance Box set

Love at Christmas: A Christmas Romance Box set

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Five steamy books in one sizzling collection that will warm up your winter nights.

Get your copy today! All books include hot sensual romance with no cheating and a guaranteed happy ever after!


Here is what you will read inside:


Nanny Knows Best: A Single Daddy Romance

Lust. Lies. Double lives. A single bracelet.
For Shoshana Bailey, life isn’t fair. It’s never been fair. For as long as she can remember, she has been the only one fighting for herself. And it’s been a struggle to keep her head above the water. When she can’t take it any longer and winds up in LA, she knows she’s going to have to make a change in her life, or she’s going to end up a stripper, just like her friend.
But jobs aren’t easy to come by, and she knows she’s running out of time.


Investing in Love: A Billionaire Romance

Successful businessman Harry Rosen is the envy of his friends. By risking it all in early investments in bitcoin, he’d amassed billions of dollars. Women regarded him as one of the country’s most eligible bachelor. With his smooth good looks, charismatic personality, and compelling delivery, Harry was surprisingly shy and inept around women.


The Billionaire”s Songbird: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance

I like my women tall, elegant, worldly, and cold everywhere except in bed. Emotion doesn’t need to be anywhere near my transactional relationships.
So what the hell am I doing with Gwen Lovett then?
She‘s a beautiful waitress working at one of my hotels, and at first, all I want to do is tease her until she turns red and starts stumbling.
Then I notice how pale her skin is, how bright her smile. Once I find out she‘s got a voice like an angel, something dangerous and unfamiliar takes over me.


Dressing The Billionaire: An Office Romance

I like my women in beautiful clothes, but I like them even better out of them!
When I first meet Anna, she wants to dress me from the skin out, but the things that I want to do with her have nothing to do with clothes at all.
Anna is perfect, sweet, and sexy with a body that could drive a man to sin, but can she really keep up with what I have to offer? I have a taste for the finest things in life, and some of those things, well, they can get pretty dark and intense.
If Anna can keep up with me, I’ll be putty in her hands. Now if only I knew if I could trust her...


Dance of Love: A BDSM Romance

Donna, 22 and still a virgin, is boarding a plane from Chicago to Spain for a summer vacation to visit her pen pal. She has no idea that she’s embarking on a summer-long adventure full of desire, drama, and passion—with a side of sexy flamenco lessons! Can she tame the wild gypsy heart of her dancing flame?