Naughty or Nice: Holiday Romance Boxed Set

Naughty or Nice: Holiday Romance Boxed Set

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This Holiday Boxed set is packed with 5 Full-length steamy novels that are sure to warm you up and keep you entertained from start to finish. 

The perfect Box set to get you in the spirit of the holidays!

These are the novels that are included inside:


Thankful: A BDSM Secret Baby Romance (Book One)


Karin: James is the cure for my dead-end se* life.


He’s been after me since learning I am miserable with Terry, my dim-witted boyfriend.


I try to do the right thing and refuse James until I’m single.


However, breaking up with Terry goes to hell fast when he gets violent.


Out of the blue, James defends me from Terry and we getaway.


That night, he gives me a taste of everything in sex that I’ve been missing.


Naturally, I run away with him.


Goodbye, Terry; hello, James.




But James has a secret of his own: all the money he earns doesn’t come from a usual occupation.


I could deal with the fact that he’s a professional jewel thief—but his crew scares me.



The Billionaire Bad Boy Club: A Bad Boy BDSM Holiday Romance (Book two)


Nicholai Grimm is the 28-year-old billionaire CEO of Grimm defense & technology.


Natasha Greenwell is a 23-year-old college student majoring in mechanical engineering.


One fateful night out with her roommate to a supposed fundraiser has Natasha in Nicholai's sights.


Nicholai isn’t a man who takes no for an answer but that’s a word Natasha uses often.


In the dark world of BDSM, Nicholai tries to steer the beautiful woman into an agreement with him.


Natasha is anything but controllable. Her father, an fbi agent, taught her how to handle herself from a young age. And it is her father who has his sights on Nicholai. His plan is to uncover the shady weapons dealings he believes the company is making.


Sparks fly when both of their fathers intervene in their personal affairs. Can the couple overcome such huge adversity? Or will Nicholai's ways be more than Natasha can handle, ending them for good? Perhaps Christmas will have a miracle in store for them…





Secrets & Desires: A Billionaire Romance Season of Desire 1 (Book Three)


Rule number one of my job – do not fall for the client. Do not.


And yet, of course, I did. Nox Renaud might be the richest man in New Orleans


But he’s also the most gorgeous, sweetest, sexiest man I’ve ever met and he wants me.


Every time he touches me it feels like heaven when he’s inside me


It’s like ecstasy.


Our love is so pure, so real, so animal…


Nothing will keep us apart, not even the dark forces that are gathering around us.


Nothing will stop me from loving this man forever…



Dirty Desires: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance (Dirty Network 3) Book Four


Lost love can be hard to overcome, but maybe she can help me find my way back again …


Her backside is what first caught my attention.


Round, firm, plump, juicy. Those are the words that ran through my mind when I first saw her bent over the table in front of me.


For a couple of years, she’d filled my fantasies, and now she was filling my dreams too.


But someone else had lived in my dreams for a long time. I didn’t want her knocking that person out of my life forever.


Pushing her away seemed impossible. No matter how hard I tried, my arms kept pulling her back to me.


And just when I was able to let it all go, it all came crashing down on me again.


Had I been cursed? Doomed to live life without love? Or could she break that spell?



The Reconstruction of Cyprian: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance (Book Five)


Cyprian Girard is a 35-year-old billionaire investor who works like hell all week, making himself (and others) tons of money.


On the weekends, he parties like there’s no tomorrow. Being a confirmed bachelor, who’s looking to score all the tail he can possibly get, has him making his move on a certain convenient store cashier, who ignites something in him as she’s not about to give in to his charming ways.


Camilla Petit is a 25-year-old Science Major at Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina. She’s working as a cashier at a convenience store to help her make ends meet while she goes to college. She works the night shift and every weekend, she sees the driver of the ultra-rich Cyprian come in and purchase condoms along with other things. One fateful night, Cyprian himself gets out of the car to make his own purchases and sets his sights on her.


Camilla is nobody’s fool. She’s on the verge of starting her career as a lab technician and womanizing men have no place in her life. But Cyprian is no ordinary man. He’s been constructed, nearly from birth to charm women into his bed and then leave them wanting more.


With a lifetime of kudos from his father on his romantic endeavors, can Camilla, who he affectionately calls Cami, reconstruct him to fit into her world? Or will it be the other way around? Will Cyprian mold her to his specifications, making her just another notch on his bedpost? Can Christmas give them both a miracle?