On the Run: A Secret Baby Romance

On the Run: A Secret Baby Romance

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Murder. Lies. Fraud. Just another day in the lives of billionaires and women on the run.


Mercedes Gravage didn’t mean to be present when a girl at a party overdosed, and she certainly didn’t expect she would be the one to take the fall for it.

But here she is, on the run and in need of a place to stay. She needs a new identity, and she’s found one as a nanny.

Kane Stockwell is fighting with life. He’s fighting with his ex–wife, who ran off with his business partner, and he’s fighting to keep his company from succumbing to accusations of fraud. He knows that he’s going to have to figure out something soon, or things are going to get even harder.

Little does he know that the girl he hired to take care of his son is about to change his life—in more ways than he ever imagined. She’s captivating, completely mesmerizing. But there’s a lot Kane doesn’t know about Mercedes—including the fact that she’s a virgin.

When life crumbles around them and their happiness is threatened to the core, can Kane keep it all together, or have the authorities finally caught up with Mercedes?