PLEASE ME: Bad Boys & Billionaires

PLEASE ME: Bad Boys & Billionaires

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A Single Mother’s Heart Book One: A Billionaire/Single Mother Romance

Stone Vanderberg. That’s the name that causes excitement amongst the Hollywood types flocking to the South of France and with good reason.

Am I cocky and arrogant? Sure? But I don’t believe in false modesty and I know I’m a good-looking guy, I know my body is rock-hard and my cock has legendary status.
I use that name to get what I want – and what I want is her…
Nanouk Songbird may not be like the flashy actress types that I usually get into my bed – but then again, she’s just a human too.


A Lover’s Secret Baby Book Two: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance

Five years ago, my father died when his car’s brakes gave out on a cliffside road just outside Monterey. It was no accident. Armand Rossini, high-ticket international assassin, replaced my father’s mechanic that day and did something to that car. And I’ve been hunting him ever since.

But now that I’ve caught him ... why can’t I tear my eyes away from him? How can I be so attracted to the man who killed my dad? And why is he trying to tell me that I’m in danger?


The Forbidden Sitter Book Three: A Billionaire Holiday Romance

A little boy needed me. A grown man needed me. And I needed to let go of my V-card …
Excitement and sadness are a rare combination, but that’s exactly how I felt when I went to work as my big brother’s best friend’s babysitter.
Tossed away by his horrible mother, the two-year-old needed me desperately.
I could be there for the poor boy.
But I fell in love.
With both the son and the father.
My overprotective family wouldn’t mind my love for the child.
But my love for the man who wasn’t supposed to be touching me at all?
Well, no one was going to be okay with that.
So I told the billionaire who was used to getting his way that we’d have to hide our relationship.
Keep the steamy sex a secret.
I found out billionaires do not like to be kept hidden.
So how long would I get to feel his phenomenal touch before we had to end it all?


His Sweet Torment Book Four: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance

Three days before newly graduated FBI agent Padme Kaur is due to start her new assignment –protecting an Italian dignitary--she attends the restaurant opening of a good friend and sees him. He’s gorgeous, mysterious--and judging by his appalling American accent-- hiding his true identity.
But Padme has never met such a sensual, incredible man and throws all caution to the wind. For the next three days, her enigmatic lover introduces her to a world of erotic pleasure the likes of which Padme has never dreamed of. Saying goodbye to him on Sunday night, Padme feels bereft, knowing she will never forget him.


Daddy Next Door Book Five: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance

Shy, lonely Emmeline grew up in an upper-class New Orleans Creole family in a dim, cool antebellum mansion with endless rooms. Bullied by her strange, nasty older sister, Shayla, she became quiet and introspective, relying on her faith to sustain her. Her path was clear, and she decided that she would become a novitiate nun after completing junior college. But everything changed when her parents were brutally murdered, and though she escaped with her life, she lost her faith.


Secrets & Desires Book Six: A Christmas Romance

Reclusive billionaire Nox Renaud has lived in New Orleans for most of his life, and at thirty-eight, he has been an enigma to the city’s elite social circles … except for once a year when he hosts a Halloween party at his sprawling mansion in the bayou, the one chance for the most beautiful women in Louisiana high society to get a glimpse at the handsome philanthropist. Nox has yet to fall in love or even date any of them--much to their chagrin.


Arsen’s Rules Book Seven: A Billionaire Romance Novel

Arsen Sloan is a thirty-five-year-old monster of a lawyer. Highly successful as a criminal lawyer, specializing in murder cases, he has only lost one case in his career. Allen White was the second defendant that he represented some ten years earlier. He was convicted of murdering one of his high school teachers after kidnapping her for a period of two months and eventually killing her.