Saving Vivian: A Second Chance Secret Baby Romance

Saving Vivian: A Second Chance Secret Baby Romance

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I was desperate, sobbing, and already half in love. Why wouldn’t I accept his proposal?

My whole life I’d been shifting from place to place, looking for one to call home. It was odd that I thought I’d found it after working for Luke Holloway for only three months.

Small wonder that I was drawn to my employer and father of the charge I adored. My entire fantasy was to become Mrs. Luke Holloway and who could blame me—he was rich, gorgeous and available.

What if I got the chance to make that dream my reality?


My daughter loved her and what was a few months of a fake wedding if it meant keeping Vivian here?

Money aside, my sun rose and fell around Lena, my daughter whose mother had taken off when she was old enough to remember but young enough not to understand it wasn’t her fault.

Maybe that was why I couldn’t fight the attraction toward the nanny Lena adored so freely.

Or maybe I just wanted her all to myself.

Whatever the reason, when USCIS came calling, I knew what I had to do. If only I hadn’t screwed it all up by letting feelings get in the way…