Submissive’s Secrets: Complete Series

Submissive’s Secrets: Complete Series

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6 - Stand-alone 60,000 word novels all with the common thread of the characters being members of ‘The Dungeon of Decorum’ a BDSM Club in Portland, Oregon.


Dirty Little Virgin Book One: 

School is in session…and the lessons are rock hard! 
She’s a virgin who wants to write about sex in the BDSM world. 
I’m supposed to teach her the real world of BDSM, not f*ck her. 
But her feisty manner begs to be tamed. 
Her virginity begs to be taken. 
And I know my whip- and my c*ck- can bring her into submission. 
I’ll be doing her a favor by taking her a*s and making it mine. 
Her young tender body begs for my harsh and experienced touch. 
I’ll train her to accept pain to gain pleasure. 
The seclusion is temporary, as is our contract. 
But what if I want something more permanent? 
I’m not supposed to fall for my subs but I seem to be breaking all my own rules... 


Doctor’s Demands Book Two:

The Doctor’s arrived…And his treatment is sizzling!
She’s a young college student, set on a scrupulous career as a school teacher.
I’m a doctor with a checkered past.
Binge drinking on weekends, sleeping with women I care nothing for, and seeking summers with women I rent, has been my life.
Until I saw her face on the club’s website.
The Dungeon of Decorum may have found her, but I’d take her as my own.
Fighting men who wanted to use her in ways I found distasteful, I finally won her. She was mine to do with as I wanted. And I wanted all of her!
But she’d only get part of me. It had to be that way. She was my secret.
From our first touch, a spark ignited, neither of us had ever felt before. Our heat was off the charts. I couldn’t stop myself from taking her in ways I’d never planned on.
And I hadn’t planned for what she did. She broke every rule; some I hadn’t even made yet.
Could I face the world with what I’d done? Or would I run, leaving her behind me, safe as long as she wasn’t with me?
Love is temporary, at best. Happily, ever after endings are merely fantasies, or so we both thought…


Savage SEAL’s Virgin Book Three:

Dangerous missions, death-defying escapes, and mortal combats are child’s play compared to taking a virgin …
Dark nights, strange forest creatures, ropes, cuffs, paddles, and a whip should’ve been more than enough to tame one little virgin.
Blyss wasn’t your typical virgin!
I’d won her in a bidding war. She was pure as the driven snow. Every Dom wanted her.
It was me who was supposed to rule her, but she stole my heart before I knew what was happening. Every part of her was virgin territory, yearning to be explored. She was primal, and I took her that way.
A blast from my past forced me to accept a fake marriage, just so I could see my daughter, who’d been kept a secret.
Just as it was all coming together, my SEAL team needed me.
War is hell, and it gets even harder when you have to leave the ones you love at home.
Would I see the smiling faces of my girls again? Or would an enemy prison camp become my new home?
Our happily ever after was in jeopardy. Could I save it?


Filthy Commitments Book Four:

He needs a fake wife for two weddings, a week-long family vacation, and his high school reunion. A three-month, summer long contract with a sub who is willing to do anything for her Dom should do the trick…
22-year-old virgin, Asia Jones, should be graduating from Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey as a Statistical Analyst, but she’s failed a couple of classes, ending her scholarships, and making her go out of her comfort zone to get enough money to finish her last year of school.
Jett Simons, is the heir to the ‘Cinnamon Buns’ global sweet shop. He’s young, 26-years-old, and arrogant. He’s also a three-year member of ‘The Dungeon of Decorum’ and he’s looking to buy a woman at auction who looks like she needs a strong hand to mold her into the woman she could be. As an added bonus, the lucky chic gets to pretend she’s his wife for a few social functions he has throughout the summer.
Using the club’s website to browse for a suitable sub, Jett finds the profile of Asia. Not only is she gorgeous, but she’s a college student, meaning she must be smart, and the cherry on top is she still has her cherry. He’s found himself a good girl to take to occasions he has lined up. Pretty, smart, and virtuous means he’s got it made in the shade with this choice.
Or does it?


Vengeful Seduction Book Five:

A young woman finds herself as the nurse to an old, male billionaire. He leaves everything to her when he dies, infuriating the billionaire’s one grandson, who’s had nothing to do with him for the last twelve years.
The grandson decides to seduce the nurse and get her to marry him. He plans to be utterly charming right up until the moment they say ‘I do,’ then be so neglectful of her that she’ll cheat on him. To ensure his plan works, he pays a friend of his to offer her comfort and support, making sure she’s poised to fall straight into his friend’s arms. Then he can divorce her and get most of his grandfather’s money back.
Sounds simple, only it isn’t. The nurse is a sexy, saint-like woman who not only gives her heart away, but her virginity too. She won’t cheat, no matter how hard her vengeful husband and his friend try to make her turn her back on the man she fell in love with and married.
Because of her undying devotion to her husband, he falls in love with her and is soon overcome by guilt for all he’s done in his desire for money and revenge. Will what he’s done be too much for her to take, or will the love she has for him be so strong that their marriage will survive?


For Love & Torture Book Six:

Darkness clings to my soul, so why does she allow herself to love me…
I’m damaged beyond repair, but still she gives me longing looks and loving words.
I’ve tortured her body and mind, why does she still claim to have love for me?
I thought I would be okay without her. I thought I would be able to live my life working right next to the woman and never give in to her love.
Everything was working for me for a long time, until he came along. Why did he have to join my club?
Why did he set his sights on the only woman who has freely given her heart to me, even if I just played with it, instead of cherishing it the way I should have?
If I’d only known the Halloween Ball would be how it all ends, I might have done things differently…