The Billionaire’s Gift: A Holiday Romance

The Billionaire’s Gift: A Holiday Romance

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Loss. Love. Realizations.


Blaine Vanderbilt may only be thirty-years-old, but he’ managed to make a fortune in the retail market as the founder of a chain of discount stores he named Bargain Bin.

The tall man with smoldering good looks has a hard heart. He’s led his life thinking there is no harm in running a business that puts others out of theirs.

Until his elderly father passes away and leaves him with the question—should he make some changes to how he’s been living?

It has Blaine wondering about all he’s done, not only in his business life, but in his love life as well, as he’s been as cold with women as he’s been with other business owners.

He decides the time has come for the tides to turn and he makes a plan to change his ways completely. Step one is making sure the children who are stuck in the Children’s Hospital in his hometown of Houston have a great holiday. That’s where he meets the woman who may be his saving grace or his worst enemy.

Can Delaney Richards accept Blaine for the man he is becoming, or will his past bad deeds be a thing she can’t forgive him for?