The Dom's Songbird: A Billionaire Romance

The Dom's Songbird: A Billionaire Romance

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Dark and dangerous desires run wild at the exclusive seaside resort owned by Donovan Fox. 

He's a wealthy man with the world at his fingertips, and frankly he's bored with it all.

Then he takes possession of the penthouse, and meets his own employee, Gwen Lovett, a sweet-faced aspiring singer.

Then he learns that there's something about Gwen that pulls him in like a magnet,

and Gwen learns that Donovan wakens something inside her that takes her breath away as much as it scares her.

Can the billionaire and the songbird waitress cross the dark waters together and learn how deeply they can love?

When it comes to romance and love, Donovan Fox, powerful hotel magnate just says "no thanks."

He likes his women worldly and as good at the game as he is, so when he runs into a sweet and shy

waitress pressed into unexpected room service, he thinks she's adorable and not much else.

However, Gwen Love's got a voice like an angel, a spirit that rises up no matter what knocks her down,

and a sensual streak that speaks to something darkly primitive in Donovan's own usually cold heart.

It becomes Donovan's sole mission to seduce the blond chanteuse into his bed, but while he isn't looking,

Gwen find her way into his heart instead. Can the billionaire and the songbird find a place where their song will truly be heard?