Unlikely Savior: Single Daddies and Nannies Romance Box Set

Unlikely Savior: Single Daddies and Nannies Romance Box Set

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Unlikely Savior: Single Daddies and Nannies Romance Box Set


Don't Miss This Collection of Six Exclusive Romance Novels

All Six standalone full-length novels feature protective alpha males that fight for the women of their dreams. No matter if accidental fake marriages, surprise baby gifts or second chances - this collection has everything you need for long and steamy nights in your bedroom!


Dangerous Desire Book One: A Secret Baby Thanksgiving Romance
Young piano tutor, Winter Mai, enjoys a solitary life on her small houseboat in Portland, Oregon. Scarred from surviving a mass shooting incident a few years ago, Winter avoids most human interaction except for her few beloved, loyal students.
In preparation for Thanksgiving, Winter finds herself becoming more sociable and realizes she has been shutting herself away from the world for too long.
But when billionaire shipping magnate Raziel Ganz moors his vast yacht beside her tiny home, Winter is outraged at the wild parties he throws every night. Incensed, she confronts him, but is quickly charmed by his staggering good looks and his seemingly sweet nature. Raziel apologizes for the parties and shows an interest in Winter romantically while in Portland to schmooze a potential business partner, Satchel Rose, a Portland property magnate.


Sensual Sounds Book Two: A Rockstar Ménage

Lust. Lies. Double lives.
The rock and roll industry is full of people who are looking out for themselves, and willing to do anything to rise to the top. Those who are in the thick of it know what it’s like to stab someone in the back, and they know what it’s like to be stabbed.
For five brothers, the rise to fame has been filled with trouble and hardship, but they have persevered. Now they’re at the top of their game and the top of the charts too. Nothing can stand in their way. Their album is going platinum, they have more fans than they know what to do with, and money is pouring in faster than they can spend it. In short, life is perfect.
When a call from back home comes in and ruins their plans, they have no choice but to make some changes. They might be dragged back to their hometown, but nothing prepares them for what awaits.


Needing the Nanny Book Three: A Daddy Next Door Romance

My life was perfect as it was, hidden away in my palatial home, unbothered by the world. Until the day it all came screeching to an unpredictable halt.
What did I know about raising babies?
Nothing, that’s what.
Moreover, I didn’t want to know anything about the subject. The kid on my doorstep wasn’t mine and I didn’t care what his crazy but absentee mother has to say about it.
But just like the unexpected delivery, which had spun my life on its axis, Troian was just as surprising when she entered my life…


On the Run Book Four: A Secret Baby Romance

Murder. Lies. Fraud. Just another day in the lives of billionaires and women on the run.

Mercedes Gravage didn’t mean to be present when a girl at a party overdosed, and she certainly didn’t expect she would be the one to take the fall for it.
But here she is, on the run and in need of a place to stay. She needs a new identity, and she’s found one as a nanny.
Kane Stockwell is fighting with life. He’s fighting with his ex–wife, who ran off with his business partner, and he’s fighting to keep his company from succumbing to accusations of fraud. He knows that he’s going to have to figure out something soon, or things are going to get even harder.
Little does he know that the girl he hired to take care of his son is about to change his life—in more ways than he ever imagined. She’s captivating, completely mesmerizing. But there’s a lot Kane doesn’t know about Mercedes—including the fact that she’s a virgin.
When life crumbles around them and their happiness is threatened to the core, can Kane keep it all together, or have the authorities finally caught up with Mercedes?


Saving Her Rescuer Book Five: A Billionaire & A Virgin Romance

An icy road causes a ten-car pileup in the Adirondacks. Boston native Bethany O’Dell, who just turned nineteen, is one of the victims. She gets rescued when local billionaire recluse Henry Frakes, also involved in the crash, breaks into her car to get her out. Half caught in a flashback of his lover’s death in a similar crash that was partly his fault, he talks feverishly about “saving you this time”, and carries her to safety before disappearing.

Fascinated, she runs a search on Henry, who is known for owning an enormous, castle-like stone villa in the mountains nearby. She discovers that he made his fortune mysteriously, was subject to an IRS investigation that was later dropped, and was in a terrible car accident twenty years ago that killed his lover.


Saving Vivian Book Six: A Second Chance Secret Baby Romance.

I was desperate, sobbing, and already half in love. Why wouldn’t I accept his proposal?

My whole life I’d been shifting from place to place, looking for one to call home. It was odd that I thought I’d found it after working for Luke Holloway for only three months.

Small wonder that I was drawn to my employer and father of the charge I adored. My entire fantasy was to become Mrs. Luke Holloway and who could blame me—he was rich, gorgeous and available.

What if I got the chance to make that dream my reality?